Okay, if there is one thing I love doing is facial steaming. I bought one facial steamer from Amazon and at first I didn’t like it and thouht I made a mistake of buying it. It was a mistake but not because I bought it, it was because I used the wrong water. Haha! I overlooked at what water you’re supposed to use. NOT tap water or spring water, but use distilled water. No wonder it started bubbling and spitting!

I researched how often you should do facial steam and you shouldn’t do it all the time because it can also do harm on your skin.

I like to do my facial steam once a week and do sheet masks afterwards. I get my husband to do it, too, even though he doesn’t want. Haha! I also use Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream after the sheet mask without wiping out the liquid. Leaves your face nice and smooth.

Tatcha - The Dewy Skin CreamImage from Sephora.com

I also use Vivanaturals Charcoal Masks that I also bought from Amazon (I swear Amazon has become everybody’s shopping centre!). I love how cool it feels when you first apply it and it leaves your face nice and smooth after. Don’t forget the Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Gua Sha while you have your sheet mask on.

I love the facial roller because not only it drains toxins from your face and neck buy it is so relaxing.

I also bought some for my Mom but I got her a different kind of sheet masks and I got her a Jade roller and Gua Sha.

I would love to know your skincare routine and what products you use! Are you also using a facial steamer or use only hot water and towel? Either way, it gets the job done!

Here are the links of the products from Amazon I’ve mentioned:


Wedding Day

Covid wedding. Yes, we were one of couples who got married during a pandemic. We got married on September 20, 2020. It was fortunate that the weather that day was nice and sunny. A little chilly but it was a nice day.

I thought it was as hard planning our wedding because we had no idea if we can get through with it or if we were even going to have a reception after or a year after. We almost booked another venue because our original venue was closed. At the last moment, they e-mailed us asking if we would like to still have our reception on our original day. Aside from the ceremony and reception, we had to wait for the governments restrictions for each regions in Ontario. In short, everything worked out well!

My parents and I spent the night at the hotel where we all got ready and photographed. It was very special to me to be spending the time with them alone before I got married. How I miss them so much. Here are some of my favourite pictures with my parents at the hotel.

We were only allowed our immediate families inside the chapel and 50 guests at the reception. I must say that it went really well and all the rental decorations was surprisingly so nice!

During our photoshoot in the park after the ceremony, we had to do our bouquet and garter toss since we weren’t allowed to have any programs during the receptions because of covid. Even though we didn’t have programs at the reception, we were glad our families, friends and relatives had a great time.

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Wedding details:
My dress, overskirt and tiara was from Best for Brides by Morilee. Wedding shoes by Badgley Mischka (I actually bought them on Amazon. See here) and earrings from Swarovski. The veil was actually borrowed from my friend who got married in July 2020.
JB’s suit and tuxedo shirt from Moores Clothing and bowtie by Calvin Klein. Shoes from Steve Madden.
Our rings are from Spence and invitation cards from a Canadian store on Etsy. Support local!
Lastly, our pictures and videos are by the talented The Light Box.