What is your go-to skincare routine? Honestly, I have very sensitive skin that I’m afraid to use anything on my face. I’m so afraid of getting breakouts from skincare products.

I had my share of acne problem when I was in my early 20s. Although it wasn’t severe (thank goodness!), it was still embarrassing. It was mainly caused by stress from when I was still in college. I would get big pimples and I was so bothered by where it was appearing… under my nose! Ugh!!!! Seriously, because it’s right there and there was no way of hiding it!

A friend of mine recommended to make an appointment with an acne doctor. It’s a good thing I went because he prescribed me ointments and he injected my pimples. A painful pinch but it wasn’t so bad.

At that time, I used Noxema and Cetaphil and I also used a moisturizer. None of those helped me. In fact, I was getting more breakouts. The doctor advised me to use Dove soap because it’s inexpensive and it’s gentle on the skin. It worked along with what he prescribed me.

Now that I’m in my late 30’s (I know, right?), I still get breakouts every now and then. There are times when my skin is so nice and clear. There are times when it’s none stop breakouts.

My favourite skincare to use now is Ponds face wash. I love that stuff! I was really hesitant about using it the first time because of breaking out. But now I have to use it!

I do use moisturizers again and I use Tatcha – The Dewy Skin Cream and Caudalie. For night time face wash, I still stick with either Ponds or Dove original.

I would love to know your skincare routine, what products you use and what are your thoughts about it.


Scrubs for dry hands

I had to look this up and I have used this for face and lips scrubs.

I’m a Dental Assistant and I wash my hands a lot and during this winter season, our skin gets really dry. A lot of hand washing plus hand sanitizer? Yes, it gets our hands all wrinkly.

Here’s my hands before exfoliating:

And here’s after a few minutes of brown sugar and olive oil:

It looks and feels smoother. No need to apply hand cream after but it’s okay if you do.

Do you do DIY scrubs? What have you tried?

Make-up or Skincare?

If you know me well, you know I don’t wear make-up regularly, even pre-covid. Not even in high school or all throughout my 20’s.

My parents, especially my Dad, never let me wear make up to school or even when we go out. It never bothered me though.

For me though, when I wear make-up meaning when I have someone do my make-up, I feel like I look super different. I don’t like and was never a fan of heavy layers of make-up. Give me some eye liner, foundation and blush and red lipstick, I’m good to go. Natural look is my go-to. But! I must wash that off as soon as I get home. For some reason my face feels so heavy and it needs to breathe.

Skincare, now that’s my jam! Ever since I was little, my Mom has always taught me about skincare. She loves telling the story how she bathe me in tea. I was known as the “Lipton Baby” because she would make my Dad send Lipton Tea from Saudi Arabia so she can use it to bathe me with it. All those times my Dad thought she drank tea. Hahaha!

I also saw my Mom applying calamansi all over her body and she said I did the same thing. Until now, my Mom and I would sometimes talk about skincare. For us, the best facewash, face cream that is good for both our skin is Ponds.

My parents bought when they were in the Philippines last year

I bought these at Seafood City for $1.99! I was honestly more excited to by Ponds there than buying food!

I was so surprised and so happy that Shoppers Drug Mart now carries these Ponds products! I bought this face wipes so I can use it after work when I don’t have time to wash my face. I work at a Dental office and wearing 2 masks all day can make my face oily.

What is your favourite skincare product(s)? I would love to know and your thoughts about it.